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Friday, September 25, 2009

So i've been using the Perfect Multi Mascara
for quite awhile already..


The other day i was working out the other day,
sweating my ass off, and amazingly my mascara still looked
as perfect as how it looked when i 1st applied it!

While my foundation etc have all melted ooooooooff. LOL.
You'd think if it's waterproof/sweat-proof etc
then it'll prolly be very hard to remove?

NOT TRUE! Just soak a cotton wool,
soak it over your eyes for 5-10 seconds and
wipe off with the cotton wool and viola!

No crazy tugging at your lashes to remove the mascara,
Remember! tugging your eye area caused wrinkles!

And OMGGGGGG, i look damn weird in this month's issue of Cleo.


Anyway tried out the new products from Ettusais,
and i'm really loving it!
Much more than the normal ettusais shooter
(Which is the moisturizer!)

I'll be blogging more about these new products next month!
So look out for my next ettusais post!

Oh btw, i got a new phone!
Dumped my stupid ice cream phone and got myself a HTC magic.
Omg bloody Singtel made me wait 1 & a half hour to get the phone!
WTF? Spend money still must queue up like foreeeeever.

My new phone's still looking very naked..
I wanna go digimask it soon then BLING the whole phone!


I love the new phone!
Cos my workplace has free wifi,
so i get to twitter/


reply email/msn...



Read twilight ebook/read comics
/play silly games like.. POKE-A-MOLE all day!
Awesooooome, No more boring days at work!

Plus i have some new colleagues
and i'm having more fun at work nowadays~

Gonna blog about our 5th anniversary soooon.
Omg, looking at the foodie pictures makes me droooool!
Oh btw, check out haute urban, new and upcoming blogshop!
Lots of nice dresses and stuff,
Just click their banner on the left sider!

Gotta prepare to go out already!
Sayonara, Loves! (:

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Anyway i'm sure you girls are very excited to
know about the results for the Mascara giveaway contest yah!


Muahahahaha, since the response was really good,
And i didnt wanna disappoint you girls,
so...i've decided to give away 01 Perfect Multi Mascara
AND 01 Separate Mascara!!!





Joyce - Ettusais Perfect Multi Mascara
Tracy - Ettusais Separate Mascara

I'll be contacting you girls VEEEEEEERY SOON!
Hold on for my mail loves.

For those who joined but didnt win.
FRET NOT! I'll be having moooooooore giveaways soon!
Many of you actually came up with really interesting emails and stuff,
very imaginative! :D

And many of you were reeeeeeally sweet,
there were really lots of emails and tags coming in
so i didnt have time to reply one by one,
but i really appreciate all your sweet sweet maaaaaails!
It made me feel like i'm not blogging for like nothing! (:

Anyway, the time to eat mooncake is finally heeeere!
Honestly, i never knew when the mid-autumn festival was,
all i know is like after the "momo festival" then it's mid-autumn festival,
which means yummy mooooooncake, esp my favourite snowskin mooncakes!

So today after work boyf and i went to taka to get mooncakes,
Tried loooooots of mooncake before boyf bought this for me!


Ahem, don't play play! HONGKONG NUMBER 1 somemore!
Also dunno it's true or not, lol but it's really niceeeee~
Sweeeeeeet. Lots of funny funny yummy flavors!


Yums, enjoying the mango flavor and blueberry flavor now.
Sharing with mum! (:

Before going to taka, dropped by Holland V
and the oooooonly bakery boyf and i can spend over $50
solely on BREAD is HEEEEEERE:


I looooove the cinnamon bun, chocolate swirl bun,
blueberry cheesecake bun.

Anyway boyf will be having a performance this saturday,
here's the details if you're interested! (:

Come join Leon and his friends in an intimate night of reminiscing,
as he shares his love for music through his favourite tunes
and self-penned compositions.

Date: 26 September Saturday
Time: 8pm - 9pm
Venue: Singapore Art Museum, Auditorium, Level 2
Ticket Price: $10.00

Call us @ 6226 7479 or email us
@ to purchase tickets now!

Ettusais perfect multi mascara & Separate mascara

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

lol, the other day after work boyf came to fetch me,
and we wanted to send my friend, jaslin out to take a cab,
but we waited with her along the roadside for like 10-15 mins also no cab!

So maybe we thought,
drive further down the road and see got cab or not,
but drive drive drive, almost driving towards the highway already
then there was this empty cab beside us.

Then boyf drove to the side of his cab
& starting honking him like crazy,
and i unwinded my window and started waving my both arms
like a maniac and screaming :


Or else really super paiseh lor! hahahs,
i think my friend my be thinking... omg.. what a mad couple.

Anyway, Dropped by ettusais's office the other day when i was in town
and this is what i got from Sheraldine,
(who is the one in-charge of us ettusais ambassadors!)


What's my perfect look for today?
What's in there!!!!


New mascaras from Ettusais!
Totally awesoooooooome, people who know me would
know that my eye makeup is always my focus!
If i'm stranded somewhere without makeup,
my only wish would be gel-liners OR mascaras! LOL!

Even if you don't apply eye liner, applying mascara itself
would really "open" your eyes and make a bare face
look sooooo much better!


The two new mascaras would be the
perfect multi mascara & Separate mascara.


The Perfect Multi Mascara is really puuuuuuurfect for me,
Cos i love to use mascara with volumizing effect.


This mascara has fuzzy fibres to pump up your lashes
to make them look va-va-voom thicker instantly,
the coil reaches into the very base of your lashes

and it picks up ALOT of mascara,
so maybe 2 two coats would be sufficient!

Some mascara, you have to like apply 5-6 coats

but how also won't get that thick fluttery lashes you wanna achieve!


After combing thru with the coil side,
i'll use the comb side to separate any clumped lashes!

The other thing i love about these mascara,

They are like waterproof/sweat proof, awesome for people like me

with oily lids and i perspire pretty easily!


And the Separate mascara would be perfect
for people who love long, natural looking lashes!

These 2 mascara has jojoba oil which conditions your lashes,
super quick drying so it holds the curl even better,
For people with oily lids, sometimes towards the end of the day
you'll prolly end up with smudges on your undereye area,

and this mascara is water/sweat/sebum proof so no worries about that!


And ettusais gave me this super cute mini mirror
with their signature duckie!

Lol, so cute right!



Anyway, I'm giving away a Perfect multi mascara to my lovely readers!

All you have to do, is tag on my tagboard on the left,
Include your name, your email address, and why you want it
and i'll just pick any one of you as my lucky winner!

(Rmb to write you email add or else i can't contact you!)

If you're shy to tag, then drop my a mail at!

These babies from Ettusais are $39 each,
So better tag faaaaaaast! :D

millys, coco before chanel, nadnut esther issac

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Dorothy: Hi dear, you can order here,
3 days before you leave for taiwan,
then when you reach there then you pay at the 7-11!
for the chinese thingy actually i think you use google translate to translate better.
hahahs my mandarine is quite bad!

Passerby: Hi dear, it's the clinic's details. not mine. (:

Hihi: Bleed after brazillian waxing?!?!? OF COS NOT LAH!
Hahahas, you think it's some sort of torture session ah. hahahas

Amy: Hi dear, on average around 25-30 bucks?

Aaa: Hi darling, actually i'm not very sure!
should be either love&bravery or little red heels.
myabe you can download that picture of the dress
and bring there to show to sales assistant then they can get it for you?

Kat: hahas, no leh, normally i only do some slight cropping,
can't really bother to go and edit the colours and sharpness luh!
Love my camera! :D

Elaine: Thanks sweetie!

Nadnut: Yay yay yay! meeting on tuesday!
Looking forward to thaaaaaat~

ClarireChing: YEAH I KNOW! But i'm so damn busy with my work all the time!
Really really suuuuuuucks! It's been so long since i can sit down
and blog and think and raaaant in front of my desktop all day!

Passerby123: Sure! I'd do that soooooon! :D

Manda: I got it from a korea website! (:

Girlyme: Hi dear, Maybe you can check out my eye-liner
reviews at my links at the left sider!

(: : Errr, liner, obviously. hahas

Jean: Nope! Pure chinese dear!

Went for ettusais's product launch party the other day @ Raw Kitchen,
shall blog about that another day!
My gaaaaaawd, got bitten by gazillion mozzies!

After the party, cabbed to Milly's at Far East Plaza
to meet esther , Nadnut & Issac!
Went to do my damn cui naaaaaaails. :D

Wanted to let my nails rest from all the gel colour/nail polish,
so haven't been back to Milly's to do my nails for a long time already!
Check out her website here:


Pouts! Very short nails now~
Very simple design but me likeeeeyy,
didnt have time to do thingy elaborate that day
cos we were rushing off to watch Coco before Chanel!

Lol, so cute, then esther & nadnut was playing makeup
while i did my manicure!

Nope nope, should be nadnut was the only one playing!
Cos all esther did was shutting her eyes / giggling
while nadnut worked on her eye makeup!

Oh btw, did i forget to mention this?
I have short hair again!


The length & style wasn't what i had in mind,
pouts. totally regretted that i didnt cut it at Clover that day!
Whinned that my hair looked pretty awful to raymond
the other day on the phone, and he asked me to come back
and do my colour soooon!

I'm looking forward to a really awesome haircolour!!!


Issac, nadnut, me & esther

One group photo before nadnut went off to meet her darling CCB! lol. (I'm not being vulgar/rude ok.. that's what she calls him! heheh.. ccb..)


After watching Coco Before Chanel, hmmm i don't hate the movie, but i'm not exactly loving in as well, Omg the cinema at Shaw is horrrrrible!

1st horrid cinema in my mind is the one @ bugis junction. Gawd that place STINKS! The whole cinema reeks of this.. how do i describe it.. ARMPIT BO SMELL!

Damn gross lah, then the cinema at shaw, SO DAMN CRAMP, i don't even have bloody long legs to begin with, and my legs were ACHING after the 2 hour long movie, and there wasn't any headrest! What kinda kns cinema seats have no head rest!

So after the movie all of us we were like, omg, leg cramp/aching, neck aching also etc.. Zzz..

Lol, so after movie, went to buy my mask from isetan, and we girls were waiting while the boys shop! What the world is happening!!! Hahahahas, now not guys wait for girls while they shop already luh.

Then we went over to Ion and i recommended this japanese curry place, i think it's pretty yummy there! So while waiting...

We Camwhored. Obviously.




Mask from isetan and new Ettusais goodies! :D

Pretty awesome new products for the next few months! I've been trying out the new products for afew days and it's really good!


Went to the Tang 12% rebate members event the other day,
bought another bottle of my ralph lauren.
Tsk. wanted to get the small bottle, so i can bring to work/out etc
but the promoter pursuaded me to get the bigger bottle,
then come back then realised it's not small at all lor!

Tsk, then i thought of transferring some into the smaller bottle,
also cannot! ARRRRRRRGH~


Lol, the waiter who took the picture was super bu shuang till the max.
Boyf came to pick me up, and we went to boyf's friends birthday bbq~


hahahs, no more pictures already, i was so tired my eyes were half-shutting while i was chewing on the yummy beef.

Omg i'm so excited! Gossip Girls/Ugly Betty/Desperate Housewives/Dexter/Dollhouse/The vampire diaries/90210

All my favourite shows are coming back end of this moooooonth!

Lol, meet up with my darling Florella today after work! My goooooood, i think i haven;t talked that much since i starting this crappy job. Honestly felt soooo good catching up with an old friend! Must go shopppppping sooooon!

I still can't believe it's been 3 years since secondary school.

Gonna go watch 90210 now! Sayonara, Loves! (: